High Risk Drivers

If a person has tickets, accidents, poor credit, single and /or DUI convictions, they are considered to be higher risk than average of costing the car insurance company a claim.

For a specific type of car to be high risk, it usually is fast, expensive to replace or repair a theft magnet and high rate of accidents. Most sports or high end luxury cars will be higher exposure to the car insurance carrier.

A blemished driving license will not automatically make you high risk, if you get just one minor ticket. There are other considerations (and these vary by company) when the car insurance company software calculates your risk assessment. Annual mileage, driver occupation, driving history, driver’s age and sex, insurance or credit score are other indications to the insurer "will this driver cost us money?"

Not all of the above risk factors for car insurance will be weighted equally. A new driver will be classed as higher risk, but less than an older driver with driving under the influence (DUI) conviction. Young male drivers are proven to be higher risks then young female drivers, although women drivers have been catching up.

Insurance companies as a minimum charge higher risk drivers at least 10-15% more for their sub-standard rates. Multiple tickets, accidents or DUI could lead to 100% or higher car insurance rates than their standard or preferred drivers. The insurance company has to charge more for high risk drivers because of the greater likelihood there will be claims. Many car insurance companies do not want high risk drivers.

The higher the risk that insurance company software calculates a person and their car, the fewer choices the driver has when finding an insurance company. But do not despair, some companies and agencies specialize in sub-standard or high risk auto insurance. The premiums will not be cheap.

If you are a high insurance risk, find ways to lower your car insurance. Improve your credit by paying your bills on time. Have one or more safety devices fitted to the car, complete a safety driving course, don't get any more tickets, drive the speed limit, and ask about available discounts.

If you are a high insurance driver, your insurance premium is going to be higher than someone at a lower risk. But you can still look for ways to reduce your premiums and become low risk one day.

Auto Insurance Tip

Pay your premiums annually, you will not get charged a fiance fee.More car insurance tips...