Car Insurance Discounts

Garaged address discount

When you get a car insurance quote, you will typically This is not talked about often, but where you live, especially if you car is parked in a garage most of the time, is definitely another discount available. Just remember it will be difficult to make a claim on a car that is protected in a garage. Still, you could save quite a bit, so do not forget to have the insurer record that your car is garaged.

Bundled discount

Buying multiple types of insurance from the same company should save you money. The most common is combining auto and homeowners insurance. With many companies, the more types of insurance you bundle, the more you save versus getting them all separately.

Defensive driver discount

A defensive driver course is a great way to get a discount on your auto insurance rates. Most car insurance companies offers this discount, up to 10%. You might learn defensive driving that could help avoid an accident and keep your loved ones safe.

Club membership discount

Certain organizations offer deals with various insurance companies to provide discounts to their members. AAA comes to mind. These discounts may be on several types of insurance.

Equipment discount

Buying a car with upgraded or standard safety or theft equipment will bring a discount for your car insurance.

Good student discount

Like people with good credit, good students are better, more responsible drivers. This discount applies to full time students. Usually the GPA must be in the upper 20% or at least a B average. Tougher ones want you on the "dean's list". Age limits may apply, but the discount applies mainly to HS and college students.

Annual payment discount

Some insurers offer discounts if you set up automated monthly payments from a checking account bank ATM, or credit card.

Good driver discount

No violations or accidents make you a safe driver. Most companies offer a good driver discount. You know who you are.

Low mileage discount

Because of higher gas prices, people have reduced their driving and consolidated trips. The less you drive, the lower chance of getting into an accident. Saving run from 10-15% off the car insurance premiums. If you now telecommute or drive less, contact carrier to find out if you're eligible for the discount.

Military discount

Being in the military offers many discounts, including car insurance. Many auto insurance companies offer discounts for current, retired and former members of the military and families. Active duty military are usually eligible for a discount.

Multi car discount

Insuring over one car should get you a multiple car discount depending on the carrier. If your company offers this type of discount you will save money with it.


Each of these discounts do not present huge savings. But if you put many of them together, you can really a good percentage.


Auto Insurance Tip

Pay your premiums annually, you will not get charged a fiance fee.More car insurance tips...