Choosing a Car Insurance Company

Be careful in selecting your auto insurance. It is unwise to insure your car with a minimal policy and without checking the insurance carrier, which can spell future financial problems if you have a claim.

Sign up with a reputable car insurance company

Ask your friends and relatives about which auto insurance companies they use. Get a list of car insurance companies online.

JD Powers has excellent insurer ratings.

Visit your state department of insurance website to verify complaints.

Select a company with low number of verified complaints

Contact car repair shops to find out how fast car insurance companies process car repairs and services.

Eliminate insurance carriers with many hate sites or complaints. Compare carriers with lower premiums.

Be sure that your insurance company will be able to repair your car in the shortest time possible to minimize your losses in terms of time, money and business.

Select the coverage and premiums that will be practical for you to maintain.

Don't be teased by super low premiums without looking at the details of the coverage.

Try and get the most coverage for the smallest price available. A good combination allows you to get the most coverage for your money.

Auto Insurance Tip

Pay your premiums annually, you will not get charged a fiance fee.More car insurance tips...