Car Insurance Discounts

Save on Car Insurance Financing

Would you like to save around 8% on finance charges while staying with your current carrier? That's the typical finance charge (depending on your credit). If you have the cash pay your premium as a single lump sum. This will help you avoid early cancellation fees, finance costs, and DMV and fines for getting your policy stopped.

In your state, your car insurance company may not be required give you a grace periods for a missed payment. If the carrier don't have your funds when they are due, you will be canceled. Since you should not drive around uninsured, you'll have to have some company issue another policy you, negating any loyal customer discounts. The carrier will also re scan your driving record for violations and claims.

Insurance policy verification is instant now, with all car insurance companies notifying the DMV when your policy ends.

If you decide to pay monthly, use bank draft or credit card so there are no mix ups, just be conscious of your credit limit and keep enough in the bank to cover the monthly fee.

Another Alternative

If you don't have the cash for one single premium, pay six months in full, twice a year, rather than financing the premiums. There will be fewer disputes over billing, and no monthly checks to send in or get lost.

The best car insurance savings idea

Use the quote box at the top right to shop select carriers. We've compiled the cheapest ones for you based on zip code. Still, no one auto insurance carrier has the the lowest rates. The insurers on our platform are licensed in your state and eager for your business. You can get an online quote for your car insurance and buy a policy and get an instant insurance card which prints out on your computer.



Auto Insurance Tip

Pay your premiums annually, you will not get charged a fiance fee.More car insurance tips...