Buy your car insurance direct and save!

How do you get a fair deal on car insurance? By shopping the right way, direct with the car insurer. With Direct Auto Insurance you go to the actual Insurance Company and then buy your policy from that provider, right from the source. Buying your insurance directly is much less intimidating than dealing with an agent or broker. Or maybe you do not want to be bothered with other sales offers that often accompany an insurance agent.

If you buy direct, you won't be going through an independent agent who may be selling you the product that gets him the the most commission, vacation, or other incentive.

Going direct for your car insurance means removing any hidden motivations the agent may have.

This harder part is finding an auto insurance company that likes you (as a driver).

Some companies prefer a certain profile of risk, maybe seniors (AARP & the Hartford), Younger (Geico), or Non standard (Freeway, etc.).

You will overpay by staying with a company that does not really want your business in the first place.

Auto Insurance Tip

Pay your premiums annually, you will not get charged a fiance fee.More car insurance tips...